Fair trade is a no brainer

You can dismiss a lot of things as pointless or not worth the effort or sacrifice, but fair trade is a no brainer for me.  Making sure that what I buy is not being created/cultivated/made possible by enslaved children and other opressed peoples is important. God doesn’t like it much, either.  With more and more information being made available about what is actually going on in the rest of the world, I think I have responsibility to not plead ignorant to what is going on. Hopefully it will be easier to get a hold of products that are beneficial to producer, seller and buyer all the way around, no matter where you are. 

On this note, I am trying out the new ice cream maker I got for my birthday this evening. With local organic milk and half and half and some (it appears) fair trade chocolate chips (Sunspire chips from Ralph’s Thriftway) I have a preservative and guilt-free dessert. Sunspire is not certified free-trade but their site talks about the relationship they establish with growers and suppliers to ensure fair practices and stability for the farmers.  Is this enough? Should I trust their literature? Should I trust a certification? What other information as a consumer can I rely on?


One Response to “Fair trade is a no brainer”

  1. An increasing number of producers and retailers are talking about following fair-trade practices, or being involved in direct trade. Whilst their efforts might be laudable, this is NOT the same as saying they are fair trade. The whole point of having Fair Trade certification (well, a good part of it at least) is to have the confidence that a third party (the certifying organization) has actually verified the authenticity of the product or source. At Global Fayre we are often approached by suppliers that claim to be meeting fair trade standards, but (usually) when we dig further we find that they are focussed mainly on paying a fair price for the commodity. Fair Trade is much much more than just the price (though price is obviously important).
    So – whenever you can, purchase products that are Fair Trade certified.

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