Give to Ceasar (or Obama, or McCain, or Congress) what is theirs

I can’t wait for this year’s election cycle to be done. The ads, the news stories, the SNL skits, radio spots- it’s just all too much.

I am at my sons’ soccer games which happen to be going on at the same time in fields right next to each other. I am positioned right in between them so I can turn one way and cheer as Evan stoutly defends his team’s goal and then turn the other way to clap as Jude passes the ball to a teammate and away from the huddled mass of 7 years old all trying to kick the ball as hard as they can and in no particular direction. There are two soccer moms behind me and they are talking politics.

The conversation sounded like many I have heard in the last several weeks, debating the merits of each candidates experience, talking about the bailout, critiquing the VP nominees. One of the women said she didn’t expect the president to be an expert in everything, but should be smart enough to surround themselves with smart people to help. Their main job was to be able to inspire people to action. The other lady started to get passionate and went off on how could Americans vote for someone like Palin who is ignorant in her opinion. She felt that this was a failure of the public schools country-wide to teach people to think critically, that there is no way a smart and reasonable person would vote that way.

I felt like turning around and asking where this woman went to school. Was it public? People were only critical thinkers if they agreed with her politics? I wanted to argue with her. I wanted to tell her that, regardless of political affiliations, she must see the arrogance of that statement. But, I realized, that it would be a pointless conversation. She would just get mad, and it would be ackward at every subsequent soccer practice. The practical side of my life would be adversely affected (as in, the relationships around me, even if a casual one with my son’s teammate’s parent) whereas on a bigger scale (who gets elected) would not be any different because of it.


One Response to “Give to Ceasar (or Obama, or McCain, or Congress) what is theirs”

  1. I so agree with you! I am so ready for this all to be over. People so freely share their opinions assuming everyone around them feels the same way. Usually these opinons are from one side of the fence in particular – at least in my business circles. I am so disgusted and just ready to know what is next!!

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